About IAN

Designer Rozae Nichols, known for her extensive and elaborate hand finishing details and techniques and usage of luxurious fabrics, will launch her new line Rozae for Fall 2010. Rozae will be a simplified and subtle alternative to the intensely crafted Rozae Nichols collection, yet still build on her many years of experience in working with unusual textiles and finishing techniques. The textures, elaborate prints and hand finishes will be present in the new Rozae collection yet executed with a modern hand which is appropriate as we enter a new decade. The Rozae collection is about the juxtaposition of color and print, giving the collection a light hearted and joyful spirit. The usage of jersey, patchworked into just about each signature piece, makes it immediately modern, comfortable and easy to wear.

With an eclectic approach to classic design, Rozae's silhouettes are simple, fun and demonstrate a youthful contour. Inspired by her experiences as a designer and a woman, the Rozae collection combines eclectic sophistication with a spontaneous and joyful approach to design. Artists Yayoi Kusama, Sigmar Polke, Robert Raushenberg play a role in inspiring ways in which Rozae interprets converging patterns, form and color. These artists whose bold and thoughtful use of pattern and color provokes the timeless joy of seeing familiar prints such as dots, stripes, florals and paisleys.

Rozae is proudly produced in Los Angeles, and designed with fabrics from around the world. The garments are manufactured in Los Angeles; in a positive, sweatshop-free environment. In-house production and manufacturing collaboration with like-minded local factories emphasize fair labor practices and is the cornerstone of consistent quality and the spirit of all Rozae Nichols' products.

Rozae Nichols has developed a distinct visual language that has earned her a following worldwide. Born in Los Angeles, Nichols worked as a designer in Paris and Los Angeles before launching Rozae Nichols in 1993.

In her debut collection, Nichols introduced elements that have since become her signature including marrow-edged leathers, collage of original prints and textiles, fused rubber seaming and extensive hand finishing.

Rozae's design approach reflects her California urban landscape; casual elegance, diverse in culture and rich in inspiration.

IAN R.N. Is the new collection designed by Rozae Nichols. Launched in spring 2010, the collection offers "essential wardrobe" pieces for a modern woman's lifestyle.

Rozae Nichols the main collection is California chic, with an artisan approach, creating unique collectable pieces.

ROZAE R.N. is a decidedly lighthearted approach to dressing... a fearless mix of archival prints and modern shapes. Launched in 2010.